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Jonathan Avery has been the Real Estate Consultant columnist for the New England Real Estate Journal for more than twenty years. A selection of recent columns is presented here for visitors to our website. Please feel free to print copies should you wish to.

The Amazon Effect

The exponential growth in online retail is having varied and at times dramatic effects on real estate and the tenants who occupy space. The most obvious is seen in the retail sector. Vacant stores, dark malls and famous retail brands disappearing are all results of this shift in consumer preferences. A less publicized but increasing trend is the growth in demand for warehouse and distribution space where the ‘behind the scenes’ activity occurs.

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Counselors Of Real Estate Top Ten Issues

Annually the Counselors of Real Estate (CRE) reviews the real estate landscape at mid-year and solicits input from their members and leadership to identify the top ten issues affecting real estate for the upcoming year. For 2017-2018 this survey and analysis concludes that the number one issue affecting real estate for the upcoming year is Global Uncertainty and Political Polarization.

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Trends In A Maturing Investment Market

The continued strong demand for good quality investment real estate is causing some investors to step back and analyze where we are in a typical cycle. Although there are different opinions, it is clear that we have been in 5-6 year run of increasing prices, capitalization rate compression and strong demand. The demand remains strong for good quality investment real estate. To some, we are still in an undersupplied market for Class A properties.

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What’s All The Buzz About?

Increasingly, there is a buzz in the air – not necessarily related to our recent political adventures in the presidential election. Rather the buzz may be coming from a drone near you. The number of drones in the air is increasing exponentially every year ranging from toy level drones available at Best Buy or even the local hardware store to sophisticated drones used for a variety of purposes and costing many thousands of dollars.

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Hackers – Coming Soon To a Building Near You

Cybersecurity is all over the news today as a major concern with significant impacts to our economy. Attending a program at the recently concluded Counselors of Real Estate Conference in Charlotte, NC, the local and immediate impact of cyber threats came through clearly. As we are increasingly becoming aware, building management, maintenance, and control systems are increasingly online. Everything from HVAC systems, security access, environmental controls/energy management, garage access systems and wireless networks are potential entry points for hackers to attack.

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