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Jonathan Avery has been the Real Estate Consultant columnist for the New England Real Estate Journal for more than twenty years. A selection of recent columns is presented here for visitors to our website. Please feel free to print copies should you wish to.

Tale of Two Sectors As Economy Lags

A look at mid year statistics reveals that the Home Sales Market Sector is experiencing the predicted (by some) double dip while the rest of the real estate market shows signs of improvement. All of this while the economy shows slow and incremental improvements. Clearly, the end of the Great Recession has not arrived for many.

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Recession in Europe

The economic impact of the events of the past 36 months is far-reaching worldwide. The consequences are a financial disaster of wide-ranging impact. The systemic changes are still occurring throughout the world and the ultimate impact is still playing out. At a recent meeting in London of the Counselors of Real Estate, the unfolding circumstances were given context by the members from 14 countries in attendance.

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Are We There Yet?

The floodwaters have subsided, the weather has warmed up and tenant showings are beginning to occur more regularly. It is a good time to take a look at the experts’ opinions and indicators in the market to gauge where we are in the aftermath of a tumultuous two-year period for real estate.

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